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Welcome to the Fetch Store. Check the Tool Selector to confirm the tool you need. Click the picture to select which tool you want to buy.

Fetch Buyback Program

Our buyback program works the same as a tool rental.  If you only need your Fetch tool for a single job, we offer a buyback on it. Simply click the Buyback button during check out to add to the cart and return to us within 14 days of receiving the tool. We will mail you a check for $362.39 after we have received the tool. For tools It is strongly advised to add insurance to the shipping in case it gets lost. All tools returned will be considered a buyback regardless of use. There are no full refunds on tool purchases.

The Buyback option is available during checkout.

Domestic Priority Shipping Included On Fetch Tool Orders.

Shipping is included on all Dapalco orders. USPS priority shipping is 1-2 days within continental U.S. on orders placed by 1:00 PM Central Standard Time. Replacement parts are shipped through standard USPS, not priority.

International Orders Require a Call Tag

Freight is not included on international orders. Contact a carrier in your country (DHL, UPS, and Fedex all ship internationally). We will need the Call Tag (shipping label) emailed to us. This will speed up the process of going through customs.

International Shipping package dimensions: 15" - L, 4.5" - W, H - 3"/ 381mm - L 114 mm - W, 76mm - H

Shipping Weight: (214 - 5Lbs / 2.3kg) (210 - 3Lbs / 1.4kg) (200 - 2.5Lbs / 1.2kg)

Reference the tool sizing guide here or contact us!

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