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Hi Paul,

Just wanted to touch base with you. We took the tool out to our site located in Cold Bay, Alaska and it worked like a charm. The field team was able to retrieve the broken well piece in less than ten minutes and said the most difficult part of the whole operation was tying the rope to pull the tool back to the surface.  Thanks again for your support and we are excited to have the first Fetch tool here in Alaska. 




Steve pulled up 200 feet of 1 1/4 galvanized pipe and pump up a 300 foot well in Florida 

 Steve uses an electric winch and our famous Fetch to save his well in Florida.


Jason in Montana saved a 480 foot deep well with 200 feet of 1.25 inch pvc broken in 7 pieces after free falling 200 feet. the longest was 60 feet.

"Nice job on the double snag" 


We had to drop down 45 feet to grab the pipes
We were lifting 2 pipes 415' 
Connected at the bottom with a u Bend.
Those pipes were filled with water for a total weight of 530 lbs.
The Fetch work easily and quickly. We were able to grab the pipes on the very first try using a sewer camera to illuminate & see what we were doing.
I'm very happy with your product but I hope I never have to use it again!!!😉

Whatever Works!


It worked! Albeit, a bit unorthodox. Took about 45 minutes of fishing @ about 110'. I grabbed the wire three times and on the 3rd attempt, success. It hooked the wire and took a lot of tugging to break it free from whatever was catching the pump/pipe! Got it up to about 40' and the wires all broke! Fortunately, I had it locked in with pipe wrenches. The Fetch paid for itself in one use. The local "fishermen" wants around $600 just to send a camera down to assess the situation. I'll make sure to spread the word about the fetch. Thank you. 



Hey, great success, why were you not able to get in the pipe itself? About how much weight were you lifting, can you guess ? ? Wow, the fetch does it again, not the normal way, who cares ! ! ! 



Not sure why it wouldn't get the pipe. At about 100', something was blocking the hole. I assume it was the wire all balled up from trying other contraptions to retrieve the pipe. 

As far as weight goes, there was 120' of schedule 80 1.25" pipe, the pump is a 15 stage jacuzzi stainless steel, with a 1.5hp Franklin motor. I pulled it to the top of the casing ski and then had to get some help! That was a bad idea. I'm suffering today. The bottom 20' of pipe was plugged with fine sediment. 


Just to let you that we managed to retrieve the pipe from the well using your fetch tool - worked like a charm.




 Iain  used the 100-2 FETCH , he is located in Massachusetts


The casing was 5" ID - carbon steel

The pipe was stainless steel - 3.5" OD, 3.25" ID.

The SS pipe weighs around 200lbs.

It was an 80ft well.  The SS pipe was 40ft long, so the top of the pipe was 40ft below ground surface.

The fetch tool was lowered into the and caught the SS pipe first time then it was pulled out - only took 10 minutes.

My name is John Everett and I am the latest believer in the Fetch tool!
While pulling my pump out of my 300' well the 1 1/4" PVC pipe broke sending  165' of pipe and pump to the bottom. After some searching for solutions on Utube I saw someone use the Fetch tool and decided to give it a try. My first try was unsuccessful and I noticed that the tool was not moving freely as it should. I called the company and after a few minutes we solved the problem over the phone. The tool was damaged in shipping but I was able to repair it myself with their help. My first attempt with the repaired tool the Fetch did its job! I caught the top of the pipe at 130' from the surface. I was able to pull the 165' of heavy pipe full of water to the surface. I was surprised to see that the Fetch secured such a jagged break of the PVC pipe. 
Thank you Fetch I am a believer!

John Everett
Edmond Ok

Date: September 23, 2018 at 8:44:46 AM CDT

The 100-2 tool worked incredibly well. Approximately 3 minutes to remove pipe. Thanks,




Thanks to The Fetch Tom didn't have to tear down his shed and rebuild it to get the drilling rig in to drill a new well

Tom had a 2" casing and a 1" pvc pipe.




Pulled his drill bit from a mud filled hole after the drill pipe broke.

They used a backhoe to pull the bit that was stuck its full length in mud..



Well is 180 feet deep, 127 feet of 1" pipe still attached at  (pipe weight + water weight) plus pump length and weight 2' 45 lbs.= 378.27 lbs. Initial pull weight somewhat higher due to pulling pump out of well bottom sludge vacuum.



We purchased your 2” well product about a month ago when we were down on our luck trying to retrieve a lost 1.8” surge block attached to 10’ of ¾” pvc pipe.  Tools of all kinds were used beforehand, including but not limited to barbed couplings, metal irrigation bulbs, treble hooks, ropes, pulleys, etc.  It was looking like a lost cause for this well until we bought your product.


Although we tried to use the product manually with rope, the weight of the water overlying the surge block was too much for a person to handle.  A backhoe was deployed much to my dismay, but we slowly pulled that pipe above grade from the grip of death 75’ below ground surface.  Documentation of the struggle is attached in a video we took of the retrieval.  It would be an understatement that the retrieval was a success.


This ended up being a great purchase that I hope will continue to bail us out of possible future bonehead mishaps.  I have already recommended it to a local equipment rental company here in Atlanta that we use regularly.  We appreciate your time and effort!


Best Regards,



Josh Massey, PG

Senior Geologist

Send us your pictures and videos and we will post your success story 

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